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How Do I Design My True Goal

By Sandra Colhando, PCC Along my coaching journey, I realized the importance of setting a ‘true’ goal versus the ‘right’ goal at an early stage of a coaching engagement. In my professional coaching assignments, I start with understanding the organization (sponsor’s) overall goal and then move on to the individual’s goal. I insist on co-creating […]

Discover Your Wheel of Life’s HMA

Discover Your Wheel of Life’s HMA By Jaya Bhateja, PCC   During a session, I asked my client to select two essential areas that she would like to focus on in the Wheel of Life. She selected Personal Growth and Work & Career. She said Personal Growth was more important but while listing the things […]

How Full Is Your Cup?

How Full Is Your Cup? By Sushil Jhangiani   There was a time, not long ago, when if someone had asked me to describe how I felt, I would probably have said dissatisfied. Today, if someone were to ask me the same question, the most likely answer would be happy. This is the story of […]